My Best Man


You came on a mission
And stood for the vision.
You served with passion
And never let go the commission.
Your message was clear
It has no flair.
You believed in righteousness
And lived in holiness.
You were sincere to the core
So firm like a sycomore.
You left so suddenly
Yet so peacefully.
Your love shall be missed
As you left us unpissed.
Your memory will linger 
Even as your good works we remember.

It is a matter of time
For us to meet in time.
Your teachings stick through
It has ensured us breakthrough.
Your leadership was impacting
And lives are changed identifying.
The church you worked for is strong
For the saints really belong.
You planted light in your wife
She rightly divides the word like a knife.
Her words pierce our hearts
Making us abide in the right paths.
Rest well man of peace
Even as we keep to the bond of peace.

En Agape

David Kings, PhD

Standing In The Line

Not just to brighten the lane

Smiling while in prayer

Knowing I am not a player

Macron was in her class

But only her fits the glass

Love is not blind 

When there is a blend

My soul is thirsty 

For you make me tasty

Good is the night

When you have the might

Good night the King

In charge of the ring.

Bless the Queen

That Carry the twin.

En Agape

David Kings, PhD