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The creative success based teachings of David Kings has impacted the lives of millions around the globe.His technical foresight, life imparting covenant messages, transparent walk of integrity, disciplined study life, and the unequal courage are but vivid evidences of the God given mandate that he received to “go and make men wealthy” by the proclamation of covenant success principles.

He is the founding Pastor of the Charisma Christian Commission Worldwide Inc. with Head Quarters in Kaduna-Nigeria.
He followed after the path of the late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa,the renown Charismatic leader that God raised in Africa who had a tremendous impact upon his life and ministry.

The Charisma Church has over two hundred affiliate churches in and outside Nigeria with over two hundred Pastors that submit to his leadership style in 21 nations.

David Kings is a rare combination of GOD’S rich and matchless grace,a lifestyle of covenant integrity and a rigorous discipline of the academic.

As a regimented and well informed Bible Scholar, he has written dozens of books covering spectrum of Christian doctrine which includes… Sin Unto Death,Pathway to Excellence in Ministry,Leadership and Ministry in Perspectives, The Ministry of an Apostle,The Ministry of a Pastor,The Ministry of a Prophet,Commanding Signs and Wonders,The Concepts of Divine Direction,etc.

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David Kings has travelled to over 85 nations for leadership impartation summits including the USA, UK, Canada, China, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, etc. The overwhelming evidences of dramatic character,charisma and conduct overturn are the evidences of his God-given mandate.

He also presides over the Apostolic Bishop’s Council, an all Christian Apostolic association that is aimed at raising sound leaders for the Kingdom. The body has been able to consecrate over 50 Bishops and set apart over 50 Apostles across the globe.

He believes,there is no future without a structure and that you don’t need to make noise to create news.

He has been conferred with several awards for his numerous achievement in the polity and religious field which includes…

-Landmark African Leadership Gold Award,
-Legacy of True Leadership National Award,
-Global Lifetime Achievers International Gold Award,
-Africa Merit Gold Award,
-Arewa Youths of excellence Award
-Leadership in national security Award, etc

Dr David Kings

Dr David Kings

Founding Archbishop
Bishop Okechukwu O.

Bishop Okechukwu O.

Resident Bishop